Sunday, October 11, 2009

wonderful day but lots of work...huhuhu

salam'alaikum... sorry guys for da late entry.. i know it's not just late but very2 late.. sorry for da people out there whose waiting for da new entry for Pergilah derita.. lots of apology.. anyway.. i wonder is it have da reader for my story???? huhuhuhu.. however i don't care act.. just wanna share da boring story from me.. for those who want to comment i'll wait and accept da comment.. i'm appreciate if anyone who want to give any comment.. it may increase or improve my written..

anyway hepy eid mubarak for all Muslim out there..hopefully it' not too late for me to wish all of u.. and not forgotten to remind all of us including me..lets perform 6 days fasting.. the syawal still remain..hopefully our fast will be accept.. Insya-Allah..

between.. pray for me in order to complete this sem.. lots of though subject and work act.. including FINAL YEAR PROJECT.. hohohoho.. hopefully i manage to perform da best for this sem.. maintain my cgpa.. at least second upper class during my graduation day next year!!!! insya-Allah.. May Allah bless us (me also..hehehehe)

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